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Ice Skating Competition 

Aditi Singh, a Nursery grader in Ramagya School became the youngest girl ever to participate in under 4 years category of Ice Skating Competition held between 1st & 2nd Oct 2017, in Guraugram. Aditi was awarded the participation certificate by Ice Skating Association for becoming the Youngest Girl to compete in Ice Skating Championship Tournament in India. Heartiest congratulations to both Aditi & her coach for this unique achievement. … Read more


CBSE National Championship 2017 

Divij Ramachandra, a student of Ramagya School of grade III won the Bronze medal in CBSE National Championship 2017 held at IES Public School (Bhopal). Divij participated in 300 metres (U-8 category). We congratulate and applaud the efforts of Divij and his skating mentor, Mr Sachin Kumar.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chairman of Ramagya group of schools has congratulated both Divij and Sachin Kumar on their glorious attainment. He also announced a sports scholarship for Divij for his outstanding performance and … Read more


Independence Cup Taekwondo Championship 

Ramagya Sports Academy, Noida participated in the 70th Independence Cup Taekwondo Championship held at Noida Stadium on 12th August 2017. The nine-member Taekwondo team was mentored by their coach Mr. Rajeev. All the nine members of the team won an individual medal.  Ramagya Sports Academy won a rich haul of medals comprising of 2 Gold; 4 Silver and 3 Bronze. Mr. Rajeev was adjudged the Best Coach of the Tournament for the stupendous success of all students under his tutelage
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Review: Recent View On Things That Matter To Me The Most 

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