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Academic & Other Events In Gnoida

A session with Vietnam School 

Students of classes I to III participated in a knowledge-sharing session with Vietnam students. They asked many questions on senses, external body parts, and internal body parts and showed them the poster and props beautifully. Through this activity, students concluded that we must take proper and good care of our body since a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body.… Read more

Academic & Other Events


To celebrate the day, a listening skill activity was organized for the students of grade I-V. Students were briefed about the importance of this day through a PPT and made to listen to audio too. Through this activity, they got to know the pain suffered by children, due to physical, mental, and emotional abuse from all over the world. The activity was designed to forge a better understanding of this day.… Read more


World Environment Day – Paper Bag Activity 

In the pre-primary Division, World Environment Day was celebrated to sensitize the learners about nurturing the environment. Students got an opportunity to explore nature through a ‘Paper-bag Making Activity which they thoroughly enjoyed. They had put up slogans related to the environment such as, “Save Environment to Save Life”, “Stop Using Plastics” and “Plant More Trees”. The teachers further used audio-visual aids to explain the consequences of polluting the environment. It was a day for doing something positive – an … Read more