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World Blood Donor Day 

A special Assembly was conducted for the Middle Wing on World Blood Donor Day. The assembly commenced with a morning prayer, followed by a PPT highlighting essential facts related to blood donation. A debate was organised on the same topic. In the end, the class teachers addressed the students and motivated them to spread the word on the benefits of blood donation.… Read more

Academic & Other Events

STEM Activity: Human Body 

This week Grade 1 covered the topic ‘Our Bodies Have Parts’ in STEM. Students learned that our body parts help us to learn about world around us and help us connect to things around us. As learning-by-doing is a key feature of STEM, students designed a pair of ‘Eyeglasses’. The activity aimed to enhance their fine motor skills, critical thinking and creativity.
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Academic & Other Events

World Food Safety Day Celebration 

On World Food Safety Day, a PPT was shown to the students to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage food-borne risks to contribute to food security, human health, and economic prosperity. Through a padlet, the students were also explained that it is a day that reminds people of the need to have safer and healthy food to enjoy a disease-free life. The students also attended a session called ‘From Farm to Fork’, on maintaining overall … Read more

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An activity on World Ocean Day was organized for the students of the Primary Wing to inculcate awareness and importance of oceans in the life of people living on this Earth. The students were educated about the involvement of oceans in our life and livelihood. The materials used in the activity were household items such as waste transparent bottles, cooking oil, food colour or blue ink, funnel, small toys, pebbles, sand etc. The students recreated a small model of the … Read more

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Students of the senior wing celebrated World Environment Day on with great zeal. A Cloth Bag Making Competition was organized for students to bring about a change in the attitude of students towards the environment and advocate partnership between individuals and society to ensure a safe future. The students showcased their creative and artistic skills by making beautiful cloth bags and decorating them vibrantly. They used different materials to decorate the bags and were enthusiastic about contributing to the preservation … Read more

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To celebrate the day, a listening skill activity was organized for the students of grade I-V. Students were briefed about the importance of this day through a PPT and made to listen to audio too. Through this activity, they got to know the pain suffered by children, due to physical, mental, and emotional abuse from all over the world. The activity was designed to forge a better understanding of this day.… Read more


World Environment Day – Paper Bag Activity 

In the pre-primary Division, World Environment Day was celebrated to sensitize the learners about nurturing the environment. Students got an opportunity to explore nature through a ‘Paper-bag Making Activity which they thoroughly enjoyed. They had put up slogans related to the environment such as, “Save Environment to Save Life”, “Stop Using Plastics” and “Plant More Trees”. The teachers further used audio-visual aids to explain the consequences of polluting the environment. It was a day for doing something positive – an … Read more

Academic & Other Events

Ms. Aparna Magee (Principal): Face of the Month in Wonder Publish Magazine 

Ramagya Group of Schools extends its heartfelt congratulations to its Principal Ms. Aparna Magee for having been featured as the ‘Face of the Month’ in Wonder Publish, an all-encompassing digital space of the publishing, EdTech, and overall Education Industry. In an exclusive interview, Ms. Aparna Magee shares her heart’s desires and plans. Her passion and dedication for her profession are clearly brought out when she discusses how the school extended support for the mental, emotional, and physical health of the … Read more