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The Significance of Festivals in a Child’s Development 

With the festive season of Dussehra/Diwali around the corner, this seems like the apt moment to discuss the significance of festivals in a child’s development. The majority of festivals have their unique customs and celebrations associated with them and as far as most people are concerned, proficiently carrying out these traditions determines the success of a festival. However, very few ponder the beneficial effect of the festival on a child.
At home, festivals serve as an excellent source of family … Read more


India K-12 Awards 2022 – ‘Excellence in International Curriculum & Academic Programs’ by Education India and School Canvas 

Ramagya School, Noida has been conferred with the India K-12 Awards 2022 – ‘Excellence in International Curriculum & Academic Programs’ by Education India and School Canvas. The award was received by the Chairman, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Principal, Ms. Aparna Magee at the Awards Ceremony organized by 14th Eldrok India K-12 Summit 2022- New Delhi in Taj Palace, Chanakya Puri on 8th September 2022.
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Could you be hindering your child’s development? 

The learning curve for problem solving starts with the minutest of attempts. Children, by their very nature, are astoundingly curious and full of potential to learn new things. They are natural problem solvers, with the ability to think up a million creative solutions to a problem. During a child’s formative years, parents often hope to fan the child’s curiosity to foster learning. However, parents often fail to realize that sometimes the biggest hindrance to the child’s learning curve can be … Read more


U19 Girls Basketball Team secures Gold In Open Sunriseville School Basketball Tournament. 

The U19 Girls Basketball Team of Ramagya School Noida secured the Gold Medal In Open Sunriseville School Basketball Tournament. Sonali Kumari (XI C) was declared the Best Player of the Tournament. The principal appreciated all the participants and spoke about the unlimited potential in every individual that can be honed at every opportunity and at every stage.… Read more