Ramagya School has the vision to make each and every Ramagyan a healthy and happy citizen from all aspects – physical, mental, emotional and nutritional. Ramagya has introduced a student Benefit Program that focuses on thoroughly assessing the child followed by a detailed intervention plan, Follow up Sessions, Monthly Diet Charts and EMR (Electronic Medical Health Record). Mr Utkarsh Gupta the talented and versatile MD of Ramagya Group, aspires to make Baal Sathee program a flagship programme which will benefit the students at large.
Mr Abhishek Sharma the enterprising founder of Baal Sathee is an esteemed member of Ramagya Family who has initiated this unique programme to ensure overall wellness of students.
We are glad to share that Baal Sathee has received the Brainfeed ET TECH X Award for Innovation at a recently conducted award ceremony in Hyderabad. Baal Saathee is a leading integrated healthcare solutions provider guided and inspired by the vision of ensuring holistic health for all.