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Academic & Other Events In Dadri

International Day of the Girl Child 

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated on October 11 every year to mark significance of girls around the world. This year, the theme of International Day of the Girl Child is “Digital generation. Our generation”. Ramagyans of Grade V and VI presented their morning assembly, started with Gayatri Mantra followed by Prayer, thought and speech. Students participated in different activities like poster making, slogan writing and speech. Grade VI students presented beautiful thoughts on the life of … Read more

Academic & Other Events In Dadri

How does your parents support eachother 

During this session, students around the globe shared their unforgettable and lively experiences of how their parents supported each other. Supportive partners made themselves available and had a spirit of flexibility and teamwork. They found ways to share office space and divide up chores, so everyone could do what they needed to do. “All we have to decide is what to do with time, time that is given to us.”… Read more

Academic & Other Events In Dadri

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 

Today’s special Assembly was devoted to the Father of the nation. Classes V and X presented their assembly on the virtues and teachings taught to the world by Mahatma Gandhi. The assembly started with Gayatri Mantra followed by prayer, slogans and speeches. Graceful dance performance was also presented by the Ramagyans and we remembered the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi. The synopsis was presented in the power point presentation.… Read more