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The ‘Exemplary Eduleader Award’ amidst Covid Crisis by ‘Next. Education’ 

Ramagya School, Dadri is proud to announce that Ms. Taruna Kapoor (principal) was awarded for ‘The Exemplary Eduleader’ Amidst Covid Crisis by ‘Next. Education’ for her persistent and impeccable works in the fields of education during pandemics and being a quintessential inspiration for the education fraternity. The people from various teaching fields were a part of the event. The event was held at Venkateshwar International School, Sector-18, Dwarka.… Read more


Enhance Your Talent 

God has gifted an ability to each human yet it’s we just who needs to recognize it and work upon it to make progress. Ability can be in any field like music, painting, dance, sports or some other in which an individual is intrigued. Understudies communicated their field of interest as they were made mediators. They likewise share their perspectives on making their enthusiasm as their calling. Educator Julia directed a test on the interest of understudies and every one … Read more



A special assembly was conducted by Gr-3 students in which thought was represented by Anant Bansal and Speech was delivered by Tanishk Rana. Students recited Gayatri Mantra and participated in the poster-making activity on gender equality. In the end, the National anthem was done and the PTI teacher gave commands to students to move back to their classes.… Read more