Date & Venue : February 07,2019, Ramagya School, Noida
Conducted by: Students of class XI
Farewell is a time for the school to not only bid adieu to the twelfthies but also wish them best of luck for their future endeavors and it’s also a time for the twelfthies to dotingly remember the anecdotes and experiences of their journey and progression in the school.
On 7th Feb.2019, the students of grade XII were given a farewell by the students of grade XI. The occasion was graced by esteemed Principal Ms. Aparna Magee. It was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with
friends and teachers and to reminisce joyous moments. The students were ceremoniously welcomed with tilak. The programme started with a prayer by Principal ma’am to seek blessings of the Almighty for the good performance of our beloved students’ forthcoming board exams , followed by a prayer song by the teachers .It was also as a mark of sanctification for them as they are about to venture out from the shielded environs of school life to undertake their journey of life. The programme went ahead with the lamp lighting followed by the passing of the baton of responsibility. The programme showcased the multiple talents of class XI students.
While addressing the students on the occasion, The Principal of Ramagya School, Ms. Aparna Magee urged students to put their heart and soul in the preparation of the exams but must take proper care of their health. She also wished them success as they are on the verge of starting their journey of life and prayed for their success.