Ramagya School, Noida organized a Special Assembly for students of Pre-Primary and Primary Wing on  1st October to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with splendor.

Students were made aware of Gandhian values and helped to understand the importance of peace,  truth and non violence. They presented quotes and messages of Gandhiji and shared a speech on his life  and journey. The students also virtually witnessed Sabarmati Ashram and took a quick tour of it  appreciating Gandhiji’s simple lifestyle. Students’ attention was drawn towards the requirement of  being an honest and non violent human being and how one can always choose the path of truth and  peace. The celebration ended with indulging the students in craft activities such as making Gandhiji’s  spectacles, topi and his renowned charkha which helped them in forming connections with belongings  of Bapu. Life history of Gandhiji was also discussed with all. Students of Nursery, KG and I-V classes  participated in the celebration with great zeal .