Ramagya School, Noida, in its endeavour to make its staff updated of various awareness programmes, organized a workshop on Cancer Awareness. The workshop started with a warm welcome of the resource person for the workshop, Ms Pragya Singh, who is the Senior Project Head at Dharamshila Cancer Foundation & Research Centre. The topics covered in the workshop were cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle choices, breast cancer, cervical cancer and HPV vaccine, lung cancer, skin cancer, warning signs of cancer. Also two types of preventions were discussed: Primary which include weight, diet and physical activity and Secondary where the body should be examined regularly and some common tests should be done. It was an eye-opening seminar, as it focused on the causes that are responsible for the cancer, how an early detection can help in complete recovery & monthly self examination and annual cancer screening play an important role in diagnosing the disease. At the end the staff also clarified their doubts related to the disease. It was a very informative session and the attendees found themselves in a position where they were well informed about the causes and effects of the deadly disease.