Ramagya School has always kept the faculty updated and trained by organising various Teacher Training Workshops of the latest technological trends. Recently Ramagya School organised such a workshop in collaboration with Genius corner. Genius Corner is an interface to provide a personalised learning experience for students. The teachers from classes III to XII participated in the workshop and they were provided with useful tips for enhancing the teaching-learning process.
Mrs. Kavita Mathur, Director -Academics and Operation Genius Corner conducted the workshop. She started the workshop by informing the teachers about the objective and Goals of Genius Corner. The teachers were provided with the details regarding the use of Genius Corner App in the teaching-learning process. This gave teachers a new tool which will help them in understanding the child and to carry out the process of remedial teaching. The teachers were also briefed about how to log in and create their own assessment sheets through the Genius corner App.