“A Grandparent’s love is strong and deep filled with memories to cherish and keep.”

Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation. To honour them, Pre-Primary Wing of Ramagya School celebrated Grandparents’ Day on Saturday, 11th September 2021.

The programme began with the auspicious ‘Lighting of the Lamp’ and was followed by “Gayatri Mantra”, Welcome Speech and “Ganesh Vandana”. Learners spoke about how they felt about their grandparents and performed skits. Their dance performance left the grandparents spellbound. The icing on the cake was the ‘fun quiz’ conducted by the teachers.
It was a memorable day for the children as well as the grandparents, who left with happy memories, loads of appreciation and heaps of blessings. All in all, it was a beautiful and blessed day!