Ramagya School Noida organised an Interhouse Activity- Unlock Your Talent During Boring Lockdown-“DANCE & SINGING KARO NA” on the occasion of International Dance Day which is celebrated on 29th of April every year. The activity was conducted on two consecutive days.
This activity gave a chance to students from Class I-XII to choose from various forms of Solo Dance – Contemporary, Hip hop, Street Jazz/ Jazz, Folk and Semi-Classical dance form. Solo Singing was also part of the competition. In solo singing, the students could choose to sing Classical, Semi-Classical, Bollywood Songs and Bhajans/ Folk. The time duration for every performance was 4 minutes and the students were judged on the basis of criteria like-costume, (for the dance)/ rhythm song selection, expression, energy and overall presentation. The students were judged by our expert panel of Judges comprising of Music Faculty, Coordinators, Headmistress and Principal. Principal Ms Aparana Magee appreciated the performances of the students and expressed her gratitude to parents for walking an extra mile in these difficult times. The students enthusiastically participated in the event and enjoyed the day.