On the occasion of Janmashtami, a special assembly was held at the Ramagya School, Dadri. The program began with great zest and zeal as the Pre-nursery students dressed up as various characters from Krishna’s life.

There was a speech delivered by Class – IV students enumerating the life of Krishna, his achievement and the lesson that we must take from it.

The childhood pranks and the theft of “Makhan” and also the scene depicting the birth of Krishna was created. There was a poem recited by students of Class-I about Janmashtami. Thereafter a speech was presented enumerating the incidents of Sudama and Krishna which taught the children to value goodness amongst the people, be it, anyone.

There was a song Achutam Keshvam, presented by the students which gave a message to the students to work hard to realize their dreams. There was another short speech by Class -8 students telling the students about the battle fought between Kauravas and Pandavas and the adamancy of the Kauravas not to give even a little land to the Pandavas despite the mediation of Srikrishna. The war became inevitable and Srikrishna sided with the righteousness.

A skit was performed by class 5 and 6 students where Sudama’s meeting with Srikrishna was depicted beautifully.

A student from class 7th gave “The Geeta Sar” or the “Essence of Geeta” and last but not the least the students performed a dance where the “Govinda” broke “Dahi Handi” and distributed sweets to all the children.

The Aarti was performed by the Principal Ms Taruna Kapoor followed by the teachers with the distribution of “Prasad”.