Ramagya School conducted a Special Assembly to commemorate The United Nations Day for the students of grade I-VIII in order to appreciate the contribution of the nations under the UN as well as to help the students understand the significance of the UN. Students were introduced to how the UN was formed after the second World War and why it was an immediate necessity for all the nations to join hands and work together towards a common goal, i.e., a peaceful and fearless life for all.

Students were asked to think what could have been the possibilities if there was no such organization, what all would have happened without rules and regulations, and why the UN is needed in the future as well. They were also asked to make a few classroom rules along with their respective teachers and were helped to understand how the UN also has a charter which has to be followed by all the nations in order to bring unity and uniformity. Students of middle wing wrote an article and penned few of their ideas and thoughts on the topic ‘recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world’.