Ramagya School, Noida is home to some of the finest young Artists. Here we bring you the Painting-“Courage”. The painting depicts the Lion which is painted using Medium -Oil Pastel and symbolizes courage. Courage in the words of the Curator – Sharon Varughese from Class XII C is not letting fear have control over our action, but to keep moving forward no matter how tough the situations may become, that is the real courage, the one that resides in all of us.
The technique used here is called “Cubism”. Cubism is a truly revolutionary style of modern art developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques. It is the first style of abstract art. In this technique, the Artist reduces and fractures objects into geometric forms, and then realigns these within a shallow, relief-like space. They also use multiple or contrasting vantage points. The work is reduced to just a series of overlapping planes and facets mostly in near-monochromatic browns, greys, or blacks. Ramagya School is fortunate to have such jewels as Ms Mona Kapoor as teachers who guide their students in all the know-how required to excel and emerge winners in the twenty-first century.