Culinary is an important skill that makes the students independent and students enjoy a feeling of accomplishment after they prepare a dish by themselves. A weekly activity ‘Cooking without fire’ was organized for Classes I –VI, to create awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without fire. The students of grade 1 prepared fruits and nuts salad, where they learned that fruits and nuts are very important for us as they increase our immunity. Students of grade 2 prepared Veg Sandwich. They were excited as well as happy while making the sandwich as they got to know about the nutritional value of various vegetables used. Grade 3 students prepared Bhelpuri and Lemonade, the tangy bhelpuri was made using onion, tomato, puffed rice, etc, whereas lemonade was made in order to beat the summer heat and to gain vitamin C. Students of grade 4 made Sandwich Chaat. While making this sandwich chaat they enjoyed as they tried making something different and healthy. Grade 5 students made a healthy dish ‘Çool Summer Sandwich’ using easy and quick recipe.
The students served their dishes in an artistic and aesthetic way and enjoyed a lot.