A trip to Marwah Studios was organised by Ramagya School for the students of Class XII on 15th October 2018. The students were introduced to new career options in the field of mass communication. The organizer of the trip, Mr.Sahil Kharbanda apprised the students about Bollywood and the AAFT Institute. The Institute belongs to Mr.Sandeep Marwah and its Board of Directors consists of big names like Mr. Anil Kapoor, Ms.Sonam Kapoor and Mr.Boney Kapoor. He also informed the students about many trainings undertaken in AAFT for the students such as Fashion Designing, Acting, Performing Arts etc. The students were also explained about the green screen used in the movies to add graphics. Two students also enacted a scene as a sample which was recorded. Exploration of a Radio station was also a part of the trip. RJ Abha told the students how an RJ performs and operates the system. Then came the most interesting part, the Performing Arts section where the students were made to be acquainted with the process of producing and recording of the music wherein a sample was given in beat boxing and a pianist played a beautiful piece of music. And at last but not the least, a session on acting was presented by an actor coach who believes that every person is an actor but to make acting a profession he/she requires voice modulation, body language and artistic coordination. The students were explained that main emphasis should be on body language along with the facial expressions. This trip boosted the confidence of many students as it was very informative, engaging and involved active participation. In all, it was a great experience for the students as it gave them an insight in this aspect of career.