The solemn ceremony of “Passing of the light” in which class XII students pass on the light to their fellow juniors was performed with nobility. It represents the passing of the responsibilities and duties to the juniors and guiding them to keep the school glorified and proud of their conduct and demeanour. This beautiful and emotional ceremony was followed by encouraging and inspiring words from our guiding angel, Principal ma’am. Events such as dance, music, beatboxing and stand-up comedy act were staged which added to the exuberance of the event.
Class XII students recalled some of their best moments of school life and shared them with the audience. Games were also organised for students of class XII to make farewell an enjoyable experience. No stone was left unturned in order to make this day of school life memorable for everyone.

You will bask in glory and joy, Fair angels will be by your side,
As you travel to yonder world, Where you’d start your life anew;
We now bid Adieu