Join us at Ramagya School for an enriching experience unlike any other, as we welcome the esteemed RJ Ginnie from Radio City 91.1 FM! Ramagya School is dedicated to promoting holistic development and giving students the chance to interact with motivating people who have insightful things to say about learning and personal development. We’re excited to have RJ Ginnie, a well-known radio personality recognized for her insightful conversation and captivating storytelling, as our guest today. RJ Ginnie facilitated lively discussions with our forward-thinking leaders at such a special occasion, offering deep insights into the dynamic nature of education and the significance of complete growth in the modern world. Come along with us at Ramagya School as we engage in thought-provoking discussions, spark curiosity, and promote lifelong learning with RJ Ginnie from Radio City 91.1 FM!