Ramagya School, Noida conducted a workshop on Self Awareness and Building Attention and Concentration for the students of Class IX-XII. The workshop was hosted by Ms. Anchal , Clinical Psychologist at Ramagya School. The resource person for the workshop was Ms. Geeta Hiteshi a CBSE Resource person, Director at Guidance and Counseling CLINIC, and Rehabilitation Psychologist. She is a seasoned and skilled psychologist with extensive experience in both clinical and academic setting, possessing a strong interest in cognitive and occupational psychology.
Ms. Geeta Hiteshi briefed students about how to tune in to their thoughts and stressed upon the importance of self-awareness to all present in the session. She spoke about CTA-Call to Action and conducted few quizzes to highlight the importance of concentration and attention. She taught students few relaxation techniques by tensing and relaxation of muscles of the body. She explained to students the SWOT Matrix to strategically organise and plan their behaviours which is strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. It was a well conducted session where Ms. Hiteshi created awareness among students about need to stay Self-aware in these difficult time and work positively on utilizing the time at hand.