Ramagya School, Noida has always tried to balance the two aspects of a child’s life that determine and affect his or her educational development: parents and teachers. We have worked together as a family. To quench their thirst for knowledge we had the privilege of having Parents conducting workshops for students during the ongoing Summer Camp.
Students attended a fun yoga session hosted by Ms. Aarti, mother of Anjan Kumar of Class I -A. Ms. Niharika, mother of Navya Raj of Class KG- G, hosted a hand painting class for the students. Ms. Stuti, mother of Akshita Bhatnagar of Class VI -D, hosted a dance workshop. The kids had an amazing time dancing to the tunes of the peppy number. The kids had a personality development session with Ms. Nidhi, mother of Snigdh Kumar Verma of Class II – B. Mr. Jitender, father of Nilesh Nauni of Class I -D, took a fun learning session on Gadgets with the children. Ms. Ruchi, mother of Laksh Anand of Class IV-A, incorporated some aasanas with animal poses and mixed some foundations of theatrics to pop fun into the session. She also introduced kids with micro Yoga and the knowledge of Chakras. Assistance and hand holding was provided by Mr. Imran father of Mahira Imran Kumar of Class I- A, in his session on Study skills. Principal Ms. Aparna Magee expressed her gratitude to parents for being enthusiastic, patient and taking out time to teach the nitty gritty of various life skills to students.