Ramagya School celebrated International Day of Families with a heartfelt focus on the importance of family and togetherness. The day began with students gathering to watch an animated story in the AV room, highlighting the significance of family relationships. This touching story served as a poignant reminder of the love, support, and unity that families provide.

After the storytelling session, students participated in a craft-making activity where they created beautiful art pieces symbolizing their family connections. This hands-on experience allowed them to express their creativity and reflect on the unique qualities of their own families.

To further enhance the learning experience, a family quiz was organized, testing students’ knowledge about different aspects of family life, traditions, and values.

Through these engaging activities, Ramagya School successfully instilled in its students the importance of family and togetherness. The event nurtured values of love, respect, and appreciation for their families, reinforcing the vital role that family bonds play in their lives.