On 6th May 2024, the Pre-Primary students of Ramagya World School embraced a joyful celebration of Yellow Colour Day, immersing themselves in an array of engaging activities. From lively coloring sessions to imaginative clay modeling, the day buzzed with creativity and exploration.

Dressed in vibrant yellow attire, the children exuded enthusiasm as they delved into the spirit of the occasion, fostering a love for learning through playful interactions. The event served as a dynamic platform for the students to not only unleash their imagination but also gain insights into the world of colors. Through these captivating activities, we remain committed to nurturing young minds, and fostering their holistic development.

The Yellow Colour Day celebration exemplifies the school’s dedication to providing enriching experiences that stimulate creativity, ignite curiosity, and shape well-rounded individuals prepared to thrive in a diverse and dynamic society.