Over the years since its inception, Ramagya School, Noida has earned a special name for itself as beacon of excellence in the education sector. Its multi-dimensional approach towards holistic development of students has received admiration from both parents and the professionals in the education industry, making it as one of the best schools in Noida. The school offers the right combination of quality education and emphasis on physical and mental being to its students, which in turn helps students to excel in academics and increases their co-curricular involvement in areas beyond curricular books, like arts and sports. Within a span of 15 years of its existence, the school has emerged one of the top 5 Senior Secondary schools in NCR and is also listed amongst the top 30 Indian Schools by Forbes India magazine. 

With the finest educators on board that follow a unique CBSE curriculum, inspired from International pedagogy of education, Ramagya School offers an incomparable educational experience to its students that catapults their ability to take on challenges of the modern times and create opportunities for themselves. The only that, the school sits in a safe and clean neighborhood and has a sprawling 3-acre campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure, making it one of the most preferred school in list of schools in Noida. Ramagya School also emphasis on experiential learning and use of latest technology in imparting education. Ramagya School, Noida has proved its mettle as an institute with its own customised ‘flexi learn technology’ at the secondary and senior secondary school level. Being amongst the top 10 schools in Noida, the batches at Ramagya Schools have an ideal Student-Teacher ratio of 25:1, much need to support them in becoming strong and complete individuals.

Affiliated to CBSE and CIE boards, Ramagya School has devised education as a way of life for the students under its roof. Programmes like ‘Know your Brain’, ‘Baal Saathee’ and teachings from Panchtantra, an ancient Indian collection of interrelated animal fables to impart students practical wisdom for leadership roles. Also, programmes like these help impart the wisdom and knowledge of our ancient scriptures in a fun and interesting way. Ramagya has included the practice of meditation with the curricular and this has proved to have high achievements in academics and extracurricular activities for the students. This can be related to two main factors. First, meditation practice reduces stress. When students are less stressed they naturally learn and behave better. Second, it improves brain functioning, making the studies much easier. Introduction to such programmes has won the confidence of many parents since years, making it the best school in Noida extension

At the Ramagya School, it is not merely about success; it’s about preparing a student for the world, instilling willingness for learning and a discipline that will stay with the student for life. Ranking on the top in Noida School rankings, it is one of the education trendsetter in India due to its contemporary teaching pedagogies which incorporate best practices of Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence, Montessori Learning Corridors, Reflective Corners, and Word Wall, along with the best sports academy, Ramagya Sports Academy in Noida, assures full growth and development of a child as world class leaders. Hence, there is no doubt that Ramagya School, Noida is the best CBSE school in Noida.