A Special Assembly on the occasion of Teacher’s Day was conducted by the Student Council at Ramagya School, Noida, on 7 th September, 2018, in the School Auditorium. The Assembly was attended by all the teachers and the students of class 9 th to 12 th . The program commenced at 9:00 a.m. by welcoming the teachers by the Tilak Ceremony. The School Principal, Mrs.Aparna Magee was welcomed by the school Head Boy, Adithya Bajaj and
Girl, Harshima Mangal, with a bouquet as a token of gratitude. The program started with a beautiful welcome song by the school choir followed by a speech by Surura Umar of class 11 th . Ritesh Patel of class 10 th tickled everyone’s funny bones with his hilarious stand-up act. An energetic dance performance by the students of class 9 th , 10 th and 11th was enjoyed by the audience. Next up, the students of class 10 th and 12 th , brought to life the journey of a student and a teacher through a role play. The school choir again took the stage followed by a heartfelt expression of feelings by Jai Chaudhary of class 12 th , for his beloved teachers. A mesmerising medley of old songs took the teachers back to the golden era. A feet-tapping dance performance filled the auditorium with energy and enthusiasm. Lastly, the program ended on a fun note with a quiz. The Quiz Master Siddharth Singh of class 12 th tested teachers’ knowledge by asking interesting questions ranging from riddles to some Bollywood fun. Principal, Ms. Aparna Magee addressed the students and the teachers. She appreciated and congratulated the Student Council for successfully organising the event and extending their love and regards to their teachers.