Ramagya School, Noida organized a quiz competition on 3rd October 2019 based on the epic, Ramayana. Classes IV and V participated in the competition. The teams were named as Virasat, Dharohar, Parampara, Sanskriti and Sabhayata. The purpose of the quiz was to create awareness among students about rich Indian culture.
The quiz began with the introduction of the participants. Before starting the quiz, the participants were explained about the five rounds (MCQs, Video round, Audio round, Buzzer round, Rapid Fire Round) followed by the details of the three lifelines (Expert Advice, Audience Poll and Phone Your Family).
The quiz was conducted in a very interactive way and the teams participated with great enthusiasm. They skillfully answered the questions. The audience also got a chance to participate. They were asked some questions which they enthusiastically answered. They were rewarded for answering correctly.
Principal Ms Aparna Magee expressed her happiness on the way the quiz was conducted and congratulated the winners and the audience on a successful conclusion of the event. The vote of thanks was delivered by primary head Ms Abha Tandon who applauded the efforts of the teachers and students.